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Your Partner in Fleet Management & Business Solutions

Efficient, Effective, Energy driven


We aim to be the preferred supplier in our business and in the process creating more jobs for disadvantaged South Africans.

Mountain Ridge


We Deliver Exceptional Products and Services and have a National footprint.

Services Offered

  • Cleaning

  • Managing Wash-bays

  • Workshop attendants

  • Gate controlling

  • Moving vehicles (driving cars)

  • Accidents yard Administration

  • Quality and assurance

  • Amongst others

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Our Operation Flow

Our generic operational flow cleaning services we offer a service that takes more or less than 30 minutes and it includes the following:

  • Vehicle being brought to the yard

  • An assessment is done on the car to check the physical condition of the vehicle on arrival

  • Condition is reported

  • Cleaning is conducted

  • Vehicle is assessed of quality

  • Vehicle is handed to driver to deliver

Our Capacity

The company has employed more than five hundred and forty (540) operational staff stationed into various operation sites of our clients. This is to enable ease operational delivery 24 hours, 7 days a week. These employees are spread in the different roles they play as in cleaning, managing wash bay, attending to workshop duties, controlling the movement of the vehicles at the entrances, moving the vehicles from one site to another (including cross border), managing accident yard, as well as controlling the quality of services offered to customers.


Due to the massive nature of our operations, we keep on hiring on an on-going basis onto meet the demands of our clients.


Additionally, Mbatha Mlambo trading has engaged 28 management staff spread through the various functions to be performed such as supervisors of the functions, branch managers for the operations, Human Resources and Accounting personnel for the whole organization who are in charge of billing and timesheets capturing.

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A different approach, using a new method of customer Service.

Our Projects


Our Clients



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